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Mita-Teknik WP3042 RS485 Schnittstelle, 9723042


Mita-Teknik WP3042 RS485 Schnittstelle, 9723042

The WP3042 Schnittstelle is compatible with all IC/WPcontrollers up to WP3100 High flexibility. Easy expansion of control units. Plug-and-play installation. Onboard lightning protection. Adjustable baudrate. The WP3042 is a standard RS485 communication card used for safe serial communication. The card is a plug-and-play card which can be used in IC500, IC1000, WP1000, IC3000,WP3000 and WP3100 controllers. WP3042 can be used for internal machine communication and/or for network communication between more controllers/machines.The card has an onboard lightning and overvoltage protection which make the card suitable for industrial use. The baudrate is flexible and can be set in the controller.To balance the communication signals in RS485 networks we recommend the use of terminators (P/N.: 9798240). If the distance exceed 1 km, we recommend to use a LS12-repeater. (P/N.: 9710120xx).

"Mita-Teknik WP3042 RS485 Schnittstelle, 9723042"




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