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Mita-Teknik WP4000 Controller, 9784000

Mita-Teknik WP4000 Controller, 9784000
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  • WS06900022
Intelligent controller for all types of wind turbines - Advanced data collection and storage. -... more
Product information "Mita-Teknik WP4000 Controller, 9784000"

Intelligent controller for all types of wind turbines - Advanced data collection and storage. - Onboard webserver. - Possibility of redundant use of the controller. - Park communication via RJ45 ETHERNET. - Possiblity of data up/download via SMART media card. - 2 pc. 230kBAUD COM ports. The WP4000 controller is part of the WP4000 control concept, which has been specially designed to control large wind turbines - on- and offshore. The WP4000 control concept ensures optimal operation, great security, and advanced data collection. The concept typical consists of a power supply/backbone module, a WP4000 controller, a grid measurement module as well as an analog/digital I/O module dependent on the specific configuration task. The WP4000 control concept makes it possible to have redundant solutions. The concept is constructed as a plug and play system with automatic module detection and error reporting. Features The WP4000 controller is the center of the total WP4000 concept and is among other things equipped with a 2 pc. 230kBit/s COM ports for modem connection and for other purposes e.g. an UPS. Furthermore, the WP4x00 is equipped with 10Mbit 10base-T ETHERNET COM ports for park communication as well as backbone connection via WP-Line 110. The WP4000 controller is part of and surveys the ?hard wired? safety chain. The WP4000 controller contains internal power back up, so essential data will not be lost in case of a system power failure. The WP4000 controller contains an advanced OS4000 operation system software, that has the TCP/IP protocol stack, web server, PC compatible file system on SMART media disk, plug and play identification/configuration of all WP-Line modules, status code system, summation in a 30 year structure and log system with total log. Possibility of easy up-/download of data/programs via SMART media card. The SMART media card can also be used as storage for extended data collection. WP4x00 is based on a high speed CPU. Possibility of handling up to 10 simultaneous/ independent application programs in the controller, e.g. turbine control park power management, dump-load control, condition monitoring, camera control, customer adapted communication protocols etc. The WP4000 is based on event based communication, which means that only changed values are transmitted via the network. The WP4000 controller can automatically update the program of the WP-Line modules via the network. OPTION: The WP4000 supports the IEC 61131-3 PLC programming standard

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