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WINDSOURCING.COM B2B online shop: Your direct access to spare parts and repair materials for wind turbines

Our online shop is available for customers worldwide.

Customers from non-EU countries are also welcome to register and order, but shipping and customs costs will be calculated and confirmed for the online shop only after the order is received. Additionally, please be advised that we do not export small quantities of hazardous goods outside the EU. For larger requirements, please inquire separately.

For UK customers: At the moment we no longer ship goods via UPS to the UK, because import fees and duties processing do not work if the buyer has no UPS account. Therefore, online store orders can now only be processed if a UPS account number is submitted to handle shipping, import and taxes in the UK.

Join our online shop and save 2% on every online purchase. You can see our stock in real time as well as lead times for products currently out of stock.

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Please note: Your account will be activated by us after your registration. You will then see prices for the items that are available to buy via the online shop. The online shop function is currently only available to customers from Germany and other EU countries. The sale to private customers is excluded.

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